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Privilege is a game that explores the idea of racial privilege. North Americans, and indeed the world over, experience the idea of White Privilege. This is the idea that you are treated differently, and in most cases better, by virtue of being born a White Person.

It is my feeling that this is both unfair and arbitrary. Having seen the Black Lives Matter movement rise up and fight for rights and raise awareness of the unfair and inhumane treatment by the Police and Establishment as a whole, it made me conscious of the things I take for granted as a Heterosexual White Male. I don't know the pain and fear of not being in a Majority and I will never understand it in a way that is comparable to those who face these adversities every day.

This game attempts to simulate in a primitive way how unfair life can be if you are not in a Majority or not born into the Majority race.

Install instructions

All you have to do is just run the .exe file!


privilege.exe 7 MB

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